Sexuality Studies Association Association d'études de la sexualité

Welcome to the SSA | Bienvenue a l'AES

Annual Meeting 2013 (Archived Page)

At Congress/Congrés 2013

University of Victoria

Victoria BC

June 1-2, 2013

See our Call For Papers (Due date 7 Dec. 2012).

Click here for SSA|AES Final Programme! (Revised May 29)


Official conference hashtag: #SSA_AES2013

Official Congress hashtags: #Congress2013 & #theedge2013

All sessions are in the Social Science and Math Building. Our keynote event will be in the First Peoples’ House.

A note on available technology:

Please note that the rental laptops we have booked for SSA are PC laptops. If you are a Mac user, please make sure that you bring a PC-compatible version of your presentation on a USB drive or bring your Mac laptop with you. Note: Mac users who want to use their own Mac laptop should also bring their VGA dongle, especially if you are using a MacBook Air (see below image if you’re not sure what a VGA dongle is, and please note that older Macs or iPads may require a different model than shown!). UVic AV will not be supplying Mac VGA dongles for Congress as they have a very limited supply of them.

Mac VGA Dongle

Please also see our agenda for our first AGM:  SSA AGM 2013 All welcome!

Follow this link for information about finding accommodations in Victoria for Congress, but make sure to do so sooner rather than later as the cheaper spots (and the cheapest are always the on-campus residence rooms) fill up fast. You can reserve campus spots with one night’s rent as a downpayment, so it is fairly accessible to book early if you are waiting on funding. Be sure to book your flights early as well because they also fill up quickly around Congress time and you want to make sure you get the best prices and flight times.


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