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Minutes for 2013 Meeting

Sexuality Studies Association Meeting Minutes at Congress 2013

University of Victoria

  • Elise Chenier opens up the meeting by giving an overview on the development of the SSA last year
    • Introduces the goal setting of the association
    • The statement of purpose developed over the last year and placed on the website
    • Morgan Holmes welcomes everyone toe the meeting
      • Mentions how this is the first conference of the SSA and this being an intellectual home
      • Morgan gives special thanks
        • Cameron Duder for his work being the Local Arrangement Coordinator
        • Margot Francis for organizing the key note address
        • Key note speakers
        • Morgan addresses herself as chair of the meeting and reminds everyone to keep within the agenda and time frame for the meeting
        • Morgan addresses the function of the meeting since there is no constitution and so there is no governing rules but don’t digress
        • Morgan gives a run down of the different things that are going to be discussed during the meeting
          • Things to do and to keep in mind for next year
          • Important to have a community outreach program
            • This goal was not achieved this year
            • To maybe have a committee for that
  • Develop a formal constitution
    • Asks for volunteer willing to take on the writing of this
  • Discussion on revenues
    • This event runs on modest fees collected
    • Needed to maybe implement a membership fee
    • Keep in mind of the interdisciplinary nature of the association
    • Nathan Rambukkana gives the Communication Committee report
      • Got the web page up
        • Shows the web page
        • Basic page
          • Hopes to increase its complexity
          • Looking for a volunteer willing to maintain a blog or bring cool aspects to the page
  • The Facebook page as been increasing in the number people added to it
    • Katrina Ackerman has been managing the Facebook page and emailing list
  • Way to formulate documents so that anyone in need of access to documents can work on them
    • Creating a system to allow for that
      • Google doc
      • Drop box
  • General suggestions for communication and expanding awareness
    • Word of mouth process
      • To allow interdisciplinary access
      • To pass information to outside community
      • Elise Chenier gives the Treasurer report
        • Shows members the spread sheet of the break down of the finances for the conference this year
          • Dean of Academics at SFU gave $6000 grant
            • That has to be used this year and cannot carry over
          • Registration fees was estimated to bring in $3500
            • Optimistic goal
            • Fell sort of that
  • Money brought in goes to conference expenses
    • Key notes
      • Most of the $6000 grant went towards that
      • Food for the coffee breaks/reception
      •  Wanted to provide a subsidy for community members
        • Could not make that happen this year finically
  • The bank account originally at SFU has now been moved to an account at the Bank of Montréal
    • Manage funds ourselves
    • The need to two co signatures
      • Security reasons
  • What about next year to have finical sustainability
    • Probably not going to have the grant again
    • Save cost by cutting the key notes
    • Increase funds by creating a membership fee and increasing the registration fee
      • Membership would allow members to have a vote and allow for accountability
      • Registration fee to increase to $30 and $60
      • To have a sliding scale for the membership fee
        • Faculty fees would help supply money for money to subsidize community members
          • Keep in mind the different hierarchal scale for faculty members
            • Sessional vs. tenure track professor
          • Get rid of the reception and have a more open social
            • Free venue and individuals pay their own cost for food/drinks
            • Allow for more funds
          • Anticipate that things will increase in price year to year
          • Isabelle Perreault gives Program Committee report
            • The calls for papers this year came as far as Australia
              • Quality of papers were good and high
              • Interdisciplinary
  • There were about 70 proposals
  • Some of the presenters had to drop out at the last minute
    • Suggested to increase the number of proposals to allow to accommodate that
  • Special thanks for those who worked on the programs and the development of them
  • Margot Francis gives the Indigenous Committee report
    • The five members worked hard to finding key notes
      • Special thanks to them
  • Wanted the key notes to have both a scholar and an artist to have both perspectives
    • To keep that in mind to have both
    • As well as a gendered prospective
  • Feedback so far after the key note address was good and positive
    • More feedback is welcomed
  • Wants to have more of a anti race and decolonization prospective through out all sessions and added to the call for papers next year
  • Margot is stepping down and the committee is open for more volunteers
  • Community Outreach Committee report
    • No report cause no members were there for that
    • Steering Committee
      • This year Elise and Morgan were co-chairs
      • Looking into creating a system where there is a chair and a co-chair
        • Where the co-chair would be trained in the position and duties before moving up
          • Gradual progression
          • The process would be self nomination
  • Nathan thanks Elise and Morgan for working together to chairing and all that they have done
  • Meeting ends with a sort presentation by Jean Phillips
    • Program to allow grad students a chance to work in a nonacademic setting
    • Funded by province and federal money
      • Money depending on province
  • Projects are available in all disciplines
    • Looking to expand their network into the social sciences
  • Global link to allow professors to create projects to recruit international students to work for the summer on those projects

Please click here below for the 2013 AGM Minutes in MS Word or PDF formats.

Sexuality Studies Association Meeting Minutes at Congress 2013 (Word)

Sexuality Studies Association Meeting Minutes at Congress 2013 (PDF)


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