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Minutes 2014 Annual General Meeting

  • Elise Chenier began the annual meeting of the SSA and introduced:
    • Membership fees
    • Voting
    • Congress fees
    • The use of the Facebook page for informal information
    • And the purpose of the listserv (SSA business)
  • Margot Francis introduced Carol Jacobs, thanked her for welcoming the SSA to First Nations territory, and discussed layoffs in Indigenous Studies.
  • Carol Jacobs introduced the history of First Nations territory in the region.
  • Elise moved to forego approving minutes this year
    • The motion was approved by Elizabeth and seconded by Mary Bunch
  • Nathan Rambukkana discussed the growth of the Communications Committee over the past year:
    • 60 Twitter followers, 356 new Facebook members, and 237 listserv members.
  • Katrina Ackerman introduced a call for a new communications member and discussed upcoming changes in the listserv.
  • Elise Chenier discussed the Indigenous Sexuality and Gender Committee Report and indicated that the committee might need another volunteer.
  • Mary Bunch discussed the Community and Cultural Action Committee, which needs a new chair and new members.
    • Fees for Congress were barriers for community members.
    • Additional cross talk needed.
    • Community dialogue took place over the past year to increase participation in Niagara region.
    • Dialogue on May 29 at local café was a success.
  • Elise Chenier called for questions.
  • Elise Chenier congratulated TL Cowan’s cabaret and thanked Margot Francis for getting artists involved.
  • Dan Irving discussed the program committee:
    • 75 abstracts submitted.
    • Accepted 64 and 7 were submitted in French.
    • SSA needs to step up and find a way to interpret and translate to increase participation and discourse.
    • Call for volunteers for next year’s program committee.
  • Elise Chenier called for questions
  • Margot Francis was worried and happy about bilingual conference.
    • SSA did not have translator.
    • Wanted committee to look into funding from Heritage Canada next year.
  • Another member wanted English academics to draw on other works instead of ignoring French studies.
  • Alexandre Baril was willing to work on the problem with francophones in the organization, as it was a big issue.
  • Lee Airton discussed the Social Committee
    • Needed more coordination between social and community committee
    • Elise Chenier suggested that communication across committees could be improved
  • Elise Chenier indicated that Kelley Anne Malinen is treasurer and has been in the role for several years.
  • Elise Chenier introduced moving SSA to non-profit status.
    • As Elise Chenier received $1000 grant from UVic for 2 years (which would not continue after her Chairship), we needed to introduce membership fees to cover continuing costs, especially now that we have joined CFHSS which has a yearly membership fee.
    • A few members raised issue of non-profit status.
    • Elise Chenier and Nathan Rambukkana discussed tabling motion whether to become non-profit.
    • Nathan Rambukkana discussed revenue increases and now the ability to bring in key notes.
    • Still wanted membership to be accessible so that members could waive fees.
    • Three members paid extra to sustain organization.
    • Margot Francis discussed catering
    • Mark Stein indicated that they could still move to non-profit status
  • Elise Chenier thanked Nathan Rambukkana for taking on the role of chair
    • Nathan Rambukkana thanked Elise Chenier for everything that she has done to get organization started.
    • Elise Chenier discussed how the organization grew by 10 at Congress, how they pulled the Constitution together, put the foundation of the organization in place, and saw an increase in volunteers.
  • Tamara Lang indicated that a volunteer was needed to translate the Constitution.
  • Elise Chenier indicated that Amy Verhaeghe is the incoming secretary and Melissa White is now vice-president.
  • Elise Chenier discussed transforming the organization internally so that it is always accessible.
    • Recommended that SSA consider questions of accessibility (visually impaired, washrooms, etc).
    • Steering committee should meet in January to avoid issues.
  • Nathan Rambukkana mentioned that he was excited to take on roles for two years, after which Melissa White would become chair.
    • Fifty percent voter turnout for first election
  • Nathan Rambukkana introduced his research and indicated that he wanted to see increased communication through Conference proceedings and feedback.
  • Melissa Autumn White discussed exploring field development in university courses, program coordinator’s meeting, finding sustainable ways to increase discourse across fields, develop prizes for students and scholars, and interdisciplinary and cross-genre discourse was needed as SSA grows.
  • Elise Chenier mentioned graduate student prize from Behind the Lines press.
  • Elise Chenier concluded the annual AGM.



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